Best Email Client For Android

E-Mail client is a software or application used to send and receive e-mail through the computer or through android without using a browser. Simply by running the e-mail client software automatically e-mail will be downloaded to your android device or to your computer. Therefore you should be able to choose the best e-mail client for android devices.

E-mail client for today’s most popular android device is Gmail. Previous Gmail is built exclusively for users of Google mail only. So if you have a non-Google email mail, such as hotmail, yahoo and other email, then you must install more than one e-mail client on your device. Of course this will reduce the space and make your device becomes slow.

Perhaps because Google realizes that Google users not only use Google mail only, then Gmail has now been developed so that it can now support to be used by users other than the Google mail.

This feature is my favorite so I think Gmail is the best e-mail client for android.
“Multiple account support – Use both Gmail and non-Gmail addresses (, Yahoo Mail, or any other IMAP / POP email) right from the app.”

Best E-mail client for android

Gmail has now become the E-mail client application that is most favored by android users. All you can open the email through Gmail, of course, is beneficial to maintain the performance of your android device remains comfortably unencumbered by many applications.

Increasingly many android users who use Gmail app. as I write this article there 1,000,000,000 Р5,000,000,000 users who install it. and most users are satisfied and leave a positive rating. the average rating was 4.3 with 3,636,601 total ratings.

Surely you already have a Gmail app, because by default Gmail already installed when you buy a android device. do not forget to update Gmail app to get the new features.

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