How To Create Music Player In Android

Media player that has been installed on your android device, usually have limited features. not like music player that we use on the computer. To make the music player in android, is not difficult. All you need is an internet connection to download the application. of course it’s you who are familiar with android devices.

For most people who are beginners in using your android device, it becomes a difficult job. Of course, since at least the time to learn the android device they use. And this article for those who are still looking for a guide to creating a music player in android.

Step by Step How to Create Music Player In Android

Check one by one the applications installed on your android device you use, if you have the Play Store? as in the picture below, I’ve marked with a red box.

how to create music player

If you have it, click it and type music player in the search box. It will be a lot of choice music player that you can use.

Click on one of the music player, and click “install” the download process will run and the music player application will be installed automatically. Furthermore, you can find music player icon in the list of applications that are already installed on your android device.

Or you can click the “Download music player” for direct downloading music player application, there will be an option to open it, whether using a browser or the Play Store, select Play Store and follow such steps above.

If on your android device icon Play Store is not available, then you must perform different steps of the above steps. You have to download a music player application using a browser and install it manually. how to do it is not too difficult, click the “Download music player” and then click “Download APK” and wait until the download is complete.

Once the download is complete, you can run the APK file that you have downloaded and follow the process. And now you already have a music player application on your android device. Do you already have a unit converter application? You can read the previous article to learn more.

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