How To Fix Soft Keys On Android

Keyboard consist of letters, numbers, symbols, and so forth. In contrast to the computer or laptop, the keyboard on the android is not a hardware so that if the keyboard is broken, we have to fix it in a different way. The Keyboard is an important part that must remain functional when we need them.

The keyboard on the android work or run by a special application, the application has a role in entering input and commands to the application that we are run.

Many factors cause the android keyboard becomes damaged or crashes, such as too many disturbing cache android system, or it could be attacked by viruses. That it could happen.

In addition, sometimes the android system we have to renew the software on the keyboard, it can be when you have to update the software keyboard and then actually becomes a keyboard bugs causing crashes.

Here are some ways you can do to How To Fix Soft Keys On Android.

1. By Doing “Force Stop” and “Clear Data”

The first way you can do to fix the keyboard does not work is:
Tap the menu Settings> Apps> then select menu> All and select the keyboard application you use.

If you use samsung android, then usually the keyboard is the Samsung keypad.If you’ve found it, then do tap the “Clear Data”. After you do the Clear Data, usually the message “Android keyboard has been stopped”.
How To Fix Soft Keys On Android

If you have finished the first way but android keyboard still does not work, then you can do the second way.

2. Perform “Reset Android Data”

Tap Settings> select Backup and Restore, after that you will see the words Backup and Restore your account automatically. Then you just need to select Factory data reset.
You need to know: Before performing a factory data reset, you should do the backup data. This is a precaution so that important data is not deleted.

After securing the data or files, you can do tap on the words “Factory data reset”.
Then restart your android.

Is the keyboard still does not work? If yes then you should try the following third way.

3. Download Application Keyboard (Google Keyboard)

Download the app keyboard, one of the recommendations keyboard applications that you can use is Google Keyboard. You can directly download it for free.
After the application is successfully installed keyboard, then you can directly use it, tap Settings> Language & Input> Then select the keyboard app you have earlier post.
Then restart your android.

That’s some way How To Fix Soft Keys On Android. Hopefully the above solutions can make your android keyboard can work normally as before.┬áIf the keyboard android has become normal, you should try best launcher for Android.

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